VAI Announces Cybersecurity Webinar Highlighting Critical Security Points and Featuring U.S. DHS Cybersecurity Advisor, Anthony Zissimos

January 11, 2022

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. – February 11, 2022VAI, a leading ERP software developer, today announced the details of its complimentary cybersecurity webinar, What Should You Do If You Are Hit With A Ransomware Attack and How Can You Protect Your Company’s Data? The webinar will take place February 15, 2022, and will feature VAI CIO and Security Expert, Kevin Beasley, and Guest Speaker, Anthony Zissimos, Cybersecurity Advisor, from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

In 2021, ransomware attacks have risen by 62% worldwide, and 158% in North America. Most organizations, regardless of size or industry, will be the victim of one or more ransomware attacks. As the foundation of any business, IT systems experiencing downtime from ransomware attacks or viruses can lead to business disruptions, lost revenue, or even lost customers. To protect against these threats, having the right security framework and preparedness will be crucial in 2022.

In this webinar, VAI will highlight key security points including:

  • What is Ransomware?
  • What Industries are affected?
  • What to do if you are hit by Ransomware?
  • Bad Practices
  • How to protect yourself for the future
  • Benefits of the VAI Cloud

“During this webinar, we’ll explore how Ransomware is affecting so many businesses today, causing disruption and impacting operational efficiencies,” said Kevin Beasley, CIO, VAI. “Security has to be top of mind for all companies of every size and industry, all of whom need to invest in technology to shore up their defenses and implement safety procedures everyone should follow within the organization. We are especially excited and honored to have Anthony Zissimos, Cybersecurity Advisor for CISA, from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, join us for this very special webinar and we encourage all our customers to attend.”

The webinar’s hosts each have extensive cybersecurity expertise. Biographies are included below.

About Kevin Beasley, CIO, VAI

As CIO at VAI, Kevin Beasley oversees both the corporation’s technology strategy in conjunction with product development and the internal information technology initiatives that support the goals of the company. He has decades of ERP, SCM, and WMS consulting experience and extensive experience in the IT space. Beasley, who joined VAI in 1988, is a key presenter at VAI conferences and events, and serves as a leading source for VAI media and PR relations.

About Anthony Zissimos
Anthony Zissimos serves as a Cybersecurity Advisor in the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Mr. Zissimos is a part of the Cybersecurity Advisor (CSA) Program, which directly supports CISA’s mission and vision to strengthen the security, reliability, and resilience of the nation’s critical infrastructure within New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and primarily New Jersey.

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