Customer Testimonials & Success Stories

HL Hardware & Lumber
We run our whole business on VAI S2K, which includes everything from core accounting and retail point-of-sale for our 15 stores, to mobile, inventory management, and more. When we looked at the economics of upgrading our on-premise server, we decided it made more sense to move to the cloud.
- Gordon Webster, General Manager, eChannels & Technology, HL Hardware & Lumber
Dickson Industries
Since moving to the VAI Cloud, we do not need an IT department here. We leave it to the experts to manage our hardware, software, backup, and everything else. It helps me focus on what I do best, which is manage my business.
- Vishnu Banka, VP Finance and IT, Dickson Industries
AVA Companies
With the VAI Cloud, we’ve never experienced downtime - something only a handful of other companies of our size can say. We run a large distribution operation where things are constantly moving, and we require a solution that streamlines all these processes. VAI has provided an exceptional solution and customer service, and we look forward to our future with VAI as a trusted partner.
- Domenic Capul, Vice President, AVA Companies
Hillcrest Foods
By moving to VAI’s cloud which utilizes the latest IBM technology, Hillcrest Foods has experienced no downtime and does not worry about the complexity of running a cloud infrastructure. With VAI Cloud and its ease of use, our warehouse employees and truck drivers can work remotely from any location while harnessing the ability to access all enterprise applications in a centralized database.
- Carmen Pascuito, Accounting Manager, Hillcrest Foods
US Air Tool Co
We wanted to run our S2K ERP solution cost effectively, while also integrating seamlessly into our IT environment. With VAI Cloud, we do not need to worry about owning hardware, and we have secure access to S2K Enterprise without the worry of a system failure or data breach. In fact, we have never experienced down time. We also have greater visibility and improved collaboration across all departments, allowing us to be lean and competitive. Best of all, we have the flexibility to scale our cloud capacity as we grow.
- David Lombardo, Comptroller, US Air Tool Co.
Paige Electric
Running S2K Enterprise in VAI Cloud gives us the peace of mind of having the infrastructure and equipment already in place. VAI Cloud has the included High Availability and Disaster Recovery that guarantees us 100% uptime, plus the outsourcing of our infrastructure to free up our own resources, allowing for more efficient employee time management. We also have the IBM Power Systems, which gives us a malware-resistant server that is the best in the world. Best of all, the total solution is scalable, so we can remain confident that VAI and IBM will continue to grow with us.
- Dave Walker, Director of IT, Paige Electric
Industrial Container & Supply
I am so glad we are in the VAI Cloud. Following a 5.7 earthquake just three miles from our location, we experienced power outages. Once our network was restored, we were back up and running three hours later. Had we had an on-site server, who knows what would have happened as we lost power almost immediately to all users, and the console as well. I would not have been there to do a safe shutdown of our server.
- Julie Dixon, IT, Industrial Container & Supply
Anderson & Vreeland
Partnering with VAI to add a cloud-based ERP solution was the best thing we could have done. In the past, if Anderson & Vreeland’s home-office in New Jersey went down, each location went down, costing us detrimental downtime. Now, by leaning on VAI’s S2K ERP cloud solution, everyone can operate remotely, and we no longer have to worry about maintaining our hardware. We also have full visibility across every location, from New Jersey, to our 11 fulfillment centers and warehouses nation-wide. VAI Cloud has provided an exceptional cloud ERP solution and customer service, and we look forward to our future as we continue to scale and grow.
- Bertha Pinto, IT Director at Anderson & Vreeland
AmerCare Royal
While cutting costs by moving to the VAI Cloud, we have increased our resiliency and redundancy with the cloud’s built-in disaster recovery. The solution provides ease of use with no special software required, just a browser that can run off any computer. In addition to savings by moving the VAI Cloud, we now know that by having a 15-minute recovery time objective and a no-loss recovery point objective in the event of a disaster, we no longer have the risk of losing millions of dollars in orders because of an outage. This was a risk prior to the deployment of VAI Cloud and when we were a smaller company, when there were occurrences where we lost hundreds of thousands of orders due to prolonged system outages.
- Jeff DeSandre, CIO, AmerCareRoyal, Inc.
ABA Packaging
As a long-time customer, the VAI team already knew our business inside and out, so they were able to complete the migration smoothly and timely, ultimately exceeding our expectations. Since our cloud deployment, I can focus on securely running the business with 100% uptime, all while being fully supported by our VAI team.
- Charles Marchese, President of ABA Packaging