U.S. Air Tool Co. Soars High with VAI Cloud ERP Software Deployment

August 27, 2019

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. - August 27, 2019 – VAI Cloud, a leading ERP software developer, announced today that US Air Tool Co. (USATCO) a U.S. manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high quality tools for the aviation industry, has improved business processes and reduced operating costs with VAI Cloud S2K Enterprise software with applications that have distribution, manufacturing, and financial management capabilities.

For 68 years, USATCO has been supplying the aerospace and metal working industries with high quality tools and equipment to build and maintain aircraft. USATCO has also been providing tools and equipment to craftsmen around the world who build and fly their own aircraft. Combined, these customers fly thousands of planes built and maintained with USATCO tools.

As a long-time VAI S2K customer, USATCO switched its operations to the cloud in part so it would limit the complexity associated with running on-premise hardware in its New York and California locations. With the move to one of VAI’s multiple data center locations, USATCO has reduced costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, and has simplified its e-commerce process. USATCO also has an instant high availability plan in place at the company level, which provides failover capabilities in the event of a system failure.

Since the move to VAI Cloud, USATCO has experienced reduced operating costs because the company no longer needs to manage and maintain hardware. All required infrastructure to support VAI’s S2K software solution is provided in the cloud. The reduction of the numbers of servers has reduced the company’s IT costs without impacting its IT capabilities. USATCO can also run leaner and more efficiently with fewer staff, because the complexity of requiring multiple skillsets on-premise to support various types of technology is no longer an issue, and staff is reduced.

“We wanted to run our S2K ERP solution cost effectively, while also integrating seamlessly into our IT environment,” said David Lombardo, comptroller, USATCO. “Now we do not need to worry about owning hardware, and we have secure access to S2K without the worry of a system failure or data breach. In fact, we have never experienced down time. We also have greater visibility and improved collaboration across all departments, allowing us to be lean and competitive. Best of all, we have the flexibility to scale our cloud capacity as we grow.”   

“Moving its S2K software applications from on-premise to VAI Cloud has been a smooth transition for USATCO,” said John Muoio, technology solutions manager at VAI. “We take the complexity and expense out of the equation, so USATCO can take care of running and growing its business, while knowing that VAI is taking care of them.”

About US Air Tool Company

US Air Tool Company (also known as USATCO) has been a family-owned and operated business since 1951. The company is a USA manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high-quality products for the aviation manufacturing and assembly industries, with full-service stocking facilities in New York and California. USATCO offers the highest quality products at competitive prices, with the knowledge and experience necessary for expert advice in product selection, application, and after sales service.

About VAI Cloud, LLC 
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