Sheralven Moves its ERP Operations to VAI Cloud

January 31, 2022

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. — January 31, 2022 — VAI, a leading ERP software developer, and Sheralvena major fragrance distributor in the Northeast United States, have partnered to migrate Sheralven’s infrastructure from on-premise to the VAI Cloud, helping Sheralven to strengthen its digital goals and transformation. As a user of VAI’s ERP solution, S2K Enterprise, since 2010, Sheralven can now unlock deeper data insights with cloud-based storage to continue to scale the business.

The increased popularity of e-commerce in recent years has skyrocketed the need for efficient fulfillment networks and fast delivery from distributors, putting new demands on the supply chain. In response, Sheralven has worked with VAI to streamline business insights with S2K Enterprise and cut down on processing times. The VAI Cloud offers Sheralven the ability to centralize all digital operations, preventing the downtime that can often arise and improving product tracking communications.

“We’re currently seeing record amounts of growth across our business, and we realized we needed the ability to scale rapidly to meet demand,” said Sandra C. Parmentier, Controller at Sheralven. “By transitioning from operating our VAI S2K Enterprise on-premise to the VAI Cloud, we have access to full backup capabilities and streamlined processes that will help us scale. We feel secure in the reliability and the security of VAI Cloud, knowing our data is protected. This partnership is bringing us into the next phase of our digital transformation, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what lies ahead.”

In addition to the transition to VAI Cloud, Sheralven moved to a new shipping solution, Logicor, integrated into the S2K platform. By transitioning to an easy-to-use shipping interface within S2K Enterprise, Sheralven can better communicate shipping orders and tracking updates with partners like FedEx, creating a more fluid experience for each touchpoint. With both Logicor and the benefits of VAI Cloud, Sheralven is ready to enter a new era as a digital powerhouse.

“Sheralven is a prime example of how organizations of any kind and any size can quickly use the cloud to scale operations and ultimately accomplish their digital transformation,” said Analiza Abella, project director at VAI. “The thing that has always been most important to us is building a team that best supports our customers. We’re excited to see Sheralven’s continued growth in the industry and will continue to provide them with a scalable, reliable, and secure Cloud ERP solution that meets their needs.”

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