Paige Electric Leverages S2K Enterprise in VAI Cloud for Fast, Powerful, Secure, and Reliable Operations

March 18, 2021

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. – March 18, 2021- VAI, a leading ERP software developer, and Paige Electric, a global company dedicated to connectivity solutions, has completed Paige Electric’s move to VAI Cloud with a secure and powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution to run operations. VAI S2K Enterprise contains integrated and automated cloud-based applications with IBM Power Systems at the core, along with other advanced infrastructure. IBM Power Systems is rated by the ITIC Global Reliability Report as delivering the highest server reliability for the 12th year in a row. In addition to the ERP applications within VAI S2K Enterprise, Paige Electric is utilizing  warehouse management and material requirements planning (MRP) capabilities hosted in the VAI Cloud to ensure fast, efficient, and protected enterprise computing.

Prior to moving to VAI Cloud, Paige Electric, a leading manufacturer and supplier of wire and wireless products, connectorized cable and accessories, had been running S2K Enterprise on-premise and utilizing VAI S2K Distribution, S2K Financial, and S2K Warehouse Management System (WMS) applications in addition to S2K MRP. The integration of S2K Enterprise combined with the IBM Power Systems and IBM i operating system provided the company with complete integrated automation, security, reliability, and scalability that the company required to support its growing business.

A VAI customer for 20 years, Paige Electric made the decision in 2019 to transition its infrastructure to  VAI Cloud to add high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), protect company data, and free up IT resources. Moving the company’s S2K Enterprise applications to the VAI Cloud also added HA and DR capabilities to ensure the most uptime. Leveraging the latest technology delivered in a controlled environment, Paige Electric leaves the infrastructure and support in the hands of VAI while the company manages its global daily operations safely and securely. The benefits of moving to VAI Cloud were immediate, including on-demand scalability, savings on resources to better utilize and run company operations rather than having to manage servers, in addition to having the trusted VAI support the company has come to rely upon.

“Running S2K Enterprise in VAI Cloud gives us the peace of mind of having the infrastructure and equipment already in place,” said Dave Walker, director of IT, Paige Electric. “VAI Cloud has the included High Availability and Disaster Recovery that guarantees us 100% uptime, plus the outsourcing of our infrastructure to free up our own resources, allowing for more efficient employee time management. We also have the IBM Power Systems, which gives us a malware-resistant server that is the best in the world. Best of all, the total solution is scalable, so we can remain confident that VAI and IBM will continue to grow with us.”

The S2K MRP application has been of tremendous value for Paige Electric. The software uses a time-phased analysis of sales orders, production orders, purchase orders, current inventory levels, and sales forecasts to determine what products need to be produced as well as the components that need to be purchased. This has significantly reduced the cost of doing business by reducing the company’s inventory footprint in the warehouse and preventing Paige Electric from manufacturing goods before they are needed. The ability to forecast purchases, consolidate purchase orders, and take advantage of discounted pricing and freight costs with its vendors has been an important factor in Paige Electric’s success.   

“Paige Electric uses S2K MRP  and Forecasting, which is tightly integrated into their other S2K modules including inventory, customer orders, manufacturing, and purchasing”, said Rich Van Helden, project director at VAI.  “As an example, orders come in via EDI and other channels. Component and raw material requirements are summarized by buying location, while manufacturing order suggestions are created based on aggregated demand by manufacturing location, factoring in lead times required to procure, manufacture, and ship product to customers located throughout the world. This has enabled Paige to become more efficient and automated in placing orders, with improved fill rates in meeting customer demand.”

Leveraging S2K WMS allows Paige Electric to track all movement and scans its products throughout all global locations and supply chains accurately and efficiently, from picking to shipping, along with precise lot control. The company has very specific requirements with multiple reel lengths. Lot control is employed to track different reel lengths to meet specific customer requirements. Integrated EDI features provide Paige Electric with automatic UCC-128 label printing and electronic 856 advance ship notice file creation.

“The S2K WMS features provide us with accurate and efficient tracking of goods, and it has added a significant number of paperless operations,” added Dave Walker. “By using this application, we have improved our lot control tracking and automated the entire process for complete warehouse efficiencies.”

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