Karlsburger Foods, Inc. to Leverage Secure and Scalable Cloud Capabilities with VAI Cloud S2K ERP

September 7, 2022

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. – September 7, 2022 - VAI, a global ERP software developer, announced that Karlsburger Foods Inc, a leading food service and food manufacturing company currently leveraging VAI’s advanced and integrated ERP solution, S2K Enterprise, will move to VAI Cloud and scale business operations with additional manufacturing and analytics functionality. Built to scale, S2K Enterprise helps businesses increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and better track inventory.

Karlsburger first implemented S2K Enterprise over 20 years ago to automate its operations. S2K Enterprise includes mobile solutions that can operate offline — one of the only ERP providers to do so. Karlsburger utilizes S2K Mobile Order Entry to give its sales team immediate access to account and product information, increase customer service, and support business growth. S2K Mobile Order Entry equips the company’s sales team with capabilities to increase order entry frequency and improve the order process using features that can print or email transactions, view customer payment status, view item images, details, availability, and price. For Karlsburger, the ability to track products, enter orders, and manage processes offline on a mobile device was a major differentiator for partnering with VAI.

Currently running operations on-premise, Karlsburger plans to have its S2K Enterprise up and running on VAI Cloud by the end of 2022. The company expects to lower total costs and transition from a fixed cost structure to an adjustable one. VAI Cloud will also enable Karlsburger to free up critical IT resources for strategic initiatives and innovation needed elsewhere. Moving to VAI Cloud and taking advantage of the ability to seamlessly add S2K software applications will help Karlsburger run successfully in today’s fast-moving landscape and scale with evolving business needs as the company continues to grow.

Karlsburger plans to add advanced manufacturing capabilities with S2K Material Requirements Planning (MRP), which helps purchasing and production managers analyze current and future material and distribution requirements, enabling more effective planning. The company will also implement S2K Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), which captures accurate sales data from the billing system and allows the user to review profitability. The functionality of both S2K Manufacturing applications will help the company better plan production and track inventory.  

Plans are also underway to add advanced analytics capabilities that will enable the company to unlock more business insights for improved operations. With the addition of S2K Analytics, users can create custom reports, such as a report that compares sales with inventory, as well as generate general ledger and custom groups reports. The company can analyze trends and monitor high-level enterprise performance, as well as departmental metrics, all while being offline and then automatically sync once back on Wi-Fi.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with Karlsburger to help the company unlock manufacturing and analytics functions and scale applications with VAI Cloud,” said Pete Zimmerman, north american software sales manager, VAI. “As a major food service provider, Karlsburger needs innovative mobile solutions and ERP functionality that enables real-time order entry, warehouse operations, customer fulfillment processes, and more. By expanding to VAI Cloud, the company will securely scale with additional manufacturing capabilities and analytics insights.”

“Our long-standing relationship with VAI has allowed Karlsburger to experience significant growth as the food industry evolves to require innovative technology and functionality,” said Justin Dahlman, vice president, supply chain, finance at Karlsburger Foods, Inc. “With S2K Enterprise and Mobile Order Entry currently in use, we can move our operations to VAI Cloud knowing that we are safe and secure. We can also add manufacturing and analytics tools so we can make informed decisions around stock availability based on company data, helping us stay ahead in today’s environment. We’re excited to continue our partnership with VAI and grow our business with these technical tools in place.”

In 2023, Karlsburger Foods, Inc. plans to update to the most recent version of S2K.

To learn more about VAI’s solutions for the food and beverage distribution industry, please visit www.vai.net/solutions/s2k-enterprise.


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